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Can your end-users be happy with a secure computer?


Ask yourself and your friends about what makes them unhappy with their computers and Internet access at work and chances are you’ll hear the same thing over and over: Security. IT security issues demand limitations on accessible software and services to minimize the chance of network compromise. Is there a better way to increase overall IT satisfaction while staying secure?

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How to Reach IT Happiness with your Applications


I’ve talked about satisfaction with Windows PCsOffice 365, and helpdesk, but when it comes to the promise of tech Nirvana there’s a critical foundation: Applications. With both PC and mobile software now bundled under this umbrella and so many iterations of even simple functions available as the app of your choice it’s no wonder that employees expect to get exactly what they want, when the want it, every time. The problem? Apps don’t always work as advertised — is it possible to lower employee frustration without letting down your guard?

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How to Reach IT Happiness with Office 365


End-users aren’t happy. They’re trying — Marketing hype tells them they should be satisfied in a work world that supports personal mobile devices, customizable desktops and cloud services. But despite their best efforts, technology issues keep getting in the way. Applications don’t launch, connections aren’t stable and files won’t sync — and what happens if IT isn’t responsive enough, doesn’t have the data necessary to diagnose root problems instead of symptoms? The rise of shadow IT and the alienation of even tech-savvy employees is significant.

Consider the case of Office 365, one of Microsoft’s biggest pushes into the cloud and a source of significant frustration for employees. This may be the ideal starting point for our series on the hypothesis of IT happiness. Is there a way for admins to permanently solve problems with the production suite and get users back on track?

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Evolving Endpoints: The New State Of Security


Earlier this month (March 2016) the SANS Institute released its newest InfoSec whitepaper: “Can We Say Next-Gen Yet? State of Endpoint Security”. Thanks to the rapid proliferation of cloud-based and mobile endpoints this is a critical discussion — Where are companies seeing success, where are they falling behind and what needs to happen for endpoint solutions to truly become “next-gen”?

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How to get shadow IT out of the shadows…


Are you sick and tired of shadow IT in your organization?  Are your employees implementing their own solutions and bypassing IT rules and the IT department?  Then you certainly are no exception!

Let’s face it, the time when IT departments were able to fully control each and every IT aspect is a thing of the past!

Employees want to make their own choice of (mobile) hardware and – quite easily – introduce cloud-based applications and end-user devices into corporate IT environments to enhance their productivity.

So can you fight shadow IT? Maybe a better question is should you?

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