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The CIO Challenge: From Cost Center to Cutting Edge?


Over $600,000 per year — that’s how much companies are losing if IT can’t keep up with end-user demand and C-suite expectations. For CIOs already struggling with executive perception of their department as cost center rather than a business enabler, money lost to IT inefficiencies only drive a bigger wedge between budgets and benefits. How can chief information officers articulate IT’s role in driving ROI?

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Stories from the Road – Ticket Bounce


Summary: Help Desk and Desktop Support reps don’t have the right tools to troubleshoot, and ticket escalations become a game of hot potato.

If you’ve been following this series, you probably recognize that all stories lead to one conclusion: Switching IT’s focus from reactive to proactive is an incredibly powerful cost savings approach, while also improving your quality of service and strengthening your security and governance posture at the same time. Better service with reduced costs. It’s real.

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Using Analytics to Master Your Office 365 Migration – Part 2


Using Analytics to Master Your Office 365 Migration is a two part series that examines four important considerations that will help ensure your Office 365 implementation is a success.

Part 1 is published here. Part 2 follows below.


Migration projects are often filled with unexpected surprises, and Office 365 is no exception. Everyone has experienced an application update, an OS upgrade, or a patch that created unexpected results.

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Stories From the Road – Proactive Services Benefit Both IT As Well As Business Users


We recently visited a large US customer who has been using our product for a little over a year and they are a living example of something that we have expressed repeatedly to current and prospective customers, which is this:

Don’t bring in a new IT tool because it looks shiny and new or to just hand out to your staff as another tool in the tool belt. It won’t be effective, you won’t get the ROI or other benefits that you expected, and eventually you will stop using it. Instead, develop a new set of processes, change the paradigm of the service you provide, create a sense of urgency in the improvement of your service and organize yourself around these changes. These goals now become sustainable, with formality and longevity, and the tool is merely an enabler to accomplish the bigger mission.

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