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Five New Gartner Hype Cycle Reports Confirm Increasing Focus on End-User Experience Management

Nexthink was recently included as a sample vendor among only a handful of solutions in five prominent Hype Cycle Reports from Gartner, addressing the markets for IT Performance Analysis; Unified Workspaces; Back-Office Analytic Applications; Digital Design; and Software as a Service. In each of these reports, the consensus was that these are growing markets with the potential to provide high business and productivity benefits to enterprises.

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Proving IT’s Business Value: Dark Art or Light at End of Corporate Tunnel?

What’s the purpose of business IT? Historically, technology departments were regarded as necessary budget lines to ensure corporate tech stayed up and running. Even recent developments such as cloud computing and big data analysis have focused less on the value IT brings to the organization and more on the role of technology professionals in making sure these services were available on-demand.

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Is the Promise of the Digital Workplace Falling Short?


By integrating all the tools and technologies that employees use to get their work done, IT leaders that are making the move to the digital workplace are gaining unprecedented advantages over their competitors. Those that are embracing the next-generation workplace are reporting increases in employee satisfaction and productivity, are attracting top, new talent to their teams, and are finding the benefits extend beyond the workplace to help with customer acquisition and retention.

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