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Nexthink for Continuous Compliance Validation


Most organizations conduct some form of periodic security compliance and audit function. Sometimes the evaluation is done for internal purposes and sometimes a formal external audit is required. Regardless of which type of compliance audit you are required to perform, it is generally best practice to use an independent tool to verify that your processes and systems are in compliance with established polices and regulations.

Nexthink End-user IT Analytics allows you to define and monitor in real-time your compliance criteria across Windows, Mac OS and Mobile devices. Nexthink’s unique real-time analytics captures all executions and all network connections being made by your endpoints and provides new visibility and insight into security compliance within your environment.

Check out this demo showing how Nexthink is able to proactively uncover issues related to security and compliance and provides continuous real-time monitoring to ensure your your environment matches your acceptable risk profile.

Shine a Brighter Light on Security Using End-user Experience Monitoring and Analytics


Organizations use a wide variety of tools to track and manage security in their environment. Many of these tools are great at aggregating log files and other data but require significant human effort to manually locate and troubleshoot potential security issues. The following video demonstrates just how easy it is to leverage end-user experience monitoring and analytics from Nexthink to quickly analyze and understand when and how endpoints have been compromised. Using unique visualizations, you will be able to understand the scope of a security breach and how it occurred. Using this same real-time data, you can easily find the clues that will help prevent the spread of attacks and intrusions to other systems. Nexthink enables security analysts and IT Ops to have quick access to essential data from the endpoint that makes it easier to prevent and resolve security issues.

Check out this demo showing how Nexthink is able to proactively uncover issues that are affecting your security posture.

Can your end-users be happy with a secure computer?


Ask yourself and your friends about what makes them unhappy with their computers and Internet access at work and chances are you’ll hear the same thing over and over: Security. IT security issues demand limitations on accessible software and services to minimize the chance of network compromise. Is there a better way to increase overall IT satisfaction while staying secure?

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Nexthink Library – 4 Dashboards to Get Your Arms Around Malware


Malware is on the rise. Detecting suspicious binaries and unsafe user activity are two of many keys you need to protect your environment and organization’s data. Nexthink End-user IT Analytics and the Malware Library Pack will give you new tools, focused on the endpoint, to augment your organization’s security posture.

Perimeter and network-based security are insufficient when combating malware in todays enterprise. The Nexthink Malware Library Pack for the Nexthink Portal and Finder will strengthen your ability to fight malware by generating real-time endpoint visibility – adding critical understanding and data not captured by your existing security measures. IT and security professionals all know that the endpoint and your end-users are the weakest link in any security plan. Let Nexthink End-user IT Analytics give you insight to help combat malware – Today!

Download the pack now in your Nexthink Finder to begin enjoying the benefits of this great Library Pack.

Multi Vendor Outsourcing – How Understanding the User Perspective Is the Path to Value


Enterprise IT has become a complex mixed economy of in-sourced and outsourced services from multiple providers – often servicing tens of thousands of system users. A recent article published in the blog “Lean Outsourcing quotes Gartner statistics that indicate in the U.S., the average enterprise is dealing with 13 or more service providers.

This “multi-sourcing” – the task of selecting and managing all of these disparate service providers – is an increasingly difficult challenge for most enterprises.

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