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Nexthink for Continuous Compliance Validation


Most organizations conduct some form of periodic security compliance and audit function. Sometimes the evaluation is done for internal purposes and sometimes a formal external audit is required. Regardless of which type of compliance audit you are required to perform, it is generally best practice to use an independent tool to verify that your processes and systems are in compliance with established polices and regulations.

Nexthink End-user IT Analytics allows you to define and monitor in real-time your compliance criteria across Windows, Mac OS and Mobile devices. Nexthink’s unique real-time analytics captures all executions and all network connections being made by your endpoints and provides new visibility and insight into security compliance within your environment.

Check out this demo showing how Nexthink is able to proactively uncover issues related to security and compliance and provides continuous real-time monitoring to ensure your your environment matches your acceptable risk profile.

How to Reach IT Happiness with your Applications


I’ve talked about satisfaction with Windows PCsOffice 365, and helpdesk, but when it comes to the promise of tech Nirvana there’s a critical foundation: Applications. With both PC and mobile software now bundled under this umbrella and so many iterations of even simple functions available as the app of your choice it’s no wonder that employees expect to get exactly what they want, when the want it, every time. The problem? Apps don’t always work as advertised — is it possible to lower employee frustration without letting down your guard?

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How to get shadow IT out of the shadows…


Are you sick and tired of shadow IT in your organization?  Are your employees implementing their own solutions and bypassing IT rules and the IT department?  Then you certainly are no exception!

Let’s face it, the time when IT departments were able to fully control each and every IT aspect is a thing of the past!

Employees want to make their own choice of (mobile) hardware and – quite easily – introduce cloud-based applications and end-user devices into corporate IT environments to enhance their productivity.

So can you fight shadow IT? Maybe a better question is should you?

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IT, Please Focus On Your Real Customer: The End-user!


IT departments and managers are constantly looking for ways to improve service and lower cost. Management wants business and IT to closely collaborate. To do this, IT needs to address the IT issues of its actual customer – the end-user!  IT techs need to realize the PC’s, servers, databases and switches are just a means to give the end-user the ability to do their job.

Recent research from Forrester reveals that end-users are experiencing problems that IT cannot detect!  IT has no data on end-user devices, is missing the end user perspective and hence the end-to-end visibility to collaborate between different IT departments and improve IT service quality is missing.

Yet most IT issues occur at end-user side and end-users are the weakest link in security – they are responsible for 80% of the data breaches. More than 1 out of 3 end-users share sensitive company data in the cloud.

So how can service desks bridge this gap and start supporting the end-users?

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Nexthink Library News #10 – Check the compliance of all devices, including mobile/BYOD

With the growing complexity and diversity of IT it’s getting harder to ensure a continuous compliance of all your assets. Drivers such as Shadow IT are making things even more difficult. You cannot loose control of what’s going on, the end-users’ devices are the source of most successful security breaches these days.

Use this Library Pack to make compliance easier for you and identify gaps quickly to remediate before it’s too late and someone exploit the hole left open by this non-compliant device, activity or configuration.

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