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How to Reach IT Happiness with Office 365


End-users aren’t happy. They’re trying — Marketing hype tells them they should be satisfied in a work world that supports personal mobile devices, customizable desktops and cloud services. But despite their best efforts, technology issues keep getting in the way. Applications don’t launch, connections aren’t stable and files won’t sync — and what happens if IT isn’t responsive enough, doesn’t have the data necessary to diagnose root problems instead of symptoms? The rise of shadow IT and the alienation of even tech-savvy employees is significant.

Consider the case of Office 365, one of Microsoft’s biggest pushes into the cloud and a source of significant frustration for employees. This may be the ideal starting point for our series on the hypothesis of IT happiness. Is there a way for admins to permanently solve problems with the production suite and get users back on track?

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Stories From the Road – Proactive Services Benefit Both IT As Well As Business Users


We recently visited a large US customer who has been using our product for a little over a year and they are a living example of something that we have expressed repeatedly to current and prospective customers, which is this:

Don’t bring in a new IT tool because it looks shiny and new or to just hand out to your staff as another tool in the tool belt. It won’t be effective, you won’t get the ROI or other benefits that you expected, and eventually you will stop using it. Instead, develop a new set of processes, change the paradigm of the service you provide, create a sense of urgency in the improvement of your service and organize yourself around these changes. These goals now become sustainable, with formality and longevity, and the tool is merely an enabler to accomplish the bigger mission.

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Evolving Endpoints: The New State Of Security


Earlier this month (March 2016) the SANS Institute released its newest InfoSec whitepaper: “Can We Say Next-Gen Yet? State of Endpoint Security”. Thanks to the rapid proliferation of cloud-based and mobile endpoints this is a critical discussion — Where are companies seeing success, where are they falling behind and what needs to happen for endpoint solutions to truly become “next-gen”?

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Iceberg IT: Finding Clear Waters


When it comes to technology many companies face the “iceberg problem” — 90 percent of IT issues, innovation and evolution happens beneath the visible surface of corporate networks, users and boardroom discussions. The results? Some are positive, like when C-suite execs are pleasantly surprised at the depth and breadth of IT efforts. Others are more worrisome, like system faults and failures which go unnoticed, unreported and unresolved in turn making your iceberg sink lower in the water. Too far and you go under — pull up too hard and you risk upsetting the IT balance. What you really need is clear water but how do you see below the surface?

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CIO: Not all of your users had a good day today!


As a CIO this is hard pill to swallow since you’re doing everything you can to ensure workers enjoy the access and ease-of-use they require to complete critical tasks while IT professionals remain satisfied with the level of network security offered.

The problem? On average, 10 percent of all employees had a terrible experience with corporate technology today — but most didn’t report the issue to IT pros. In some cases they’re not certain a response will be forthcoming or helpful, in others they choose to leverage personal technology or cloud-based services to get the job done. Either way, you’ve got a problem: IT troubles occurring just out of sight but beyond your reach. How do you identify the “worst of the worst”? More importantly, how can you improve IT service?

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