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Overages and Outages? Solving the Problem of Unplanned Downtime

“Unplanned downtime”. If you’re looking to rile up IT admins or send tech experts into a cold sweat, there are few better phrases. It makes sense — according to recent research from Veeam, enterprises are losing $21.8 million per year on average in downtime and 87 percent expect an increase to future downtime costs. The data raises a critical question: How can companies solve the problem of unplanned downtime, limit the impact of outages and eliminate budget overages?

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Down The River: Log Analytics Past Its Prime?


Shots fired: According to DevOps Digest, log analytics is dead. Taking its place is a larger, more comprehensive solution known as “application analytics” which combines critical data from logs, metrics, transactions, topology and changes to produce real-time insight on demand. But is this really the end for log-based tools or are companies putting the application cart before the horse?

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