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Nexthink Community and Nexthink Academy offer Education, Peer Learning and Inspiration for Customers, Partners

In today’s digital age, online communities and virtual classrooms are sprouting up everywhere.  It’s how today’s students, employees, partners and customers learn, engage with peers, network and even socialize.

That’s why we just launched Nexthink Community and Nexthink Academy – providing a forum for Nexthinkers, customers and partners to learn from each other, share ideas and grow in our collective wisdom of end-user experience management.

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Wanna Patch Or Wanna Cry?

There was an interesting article in Financial Times this week that explains why it takes companies so long to patch their systems.

It’s a shame to always have to hear from security professionals “if you would have installed this patch, this update, this version you wouldn’t have been compromised”.

So, how can we accelerate patching operations to avoid such damaging attacks that are so successful? Let’s have a look.

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WannaCry is Only the Beginning: New Age of Growing Ransomware Attacks Requires Greater Organizational Vigilance

The WannaCry (WCry) ransomware is spreading across organizations’ desktops and servers around the globe faster than wildfire and impacting virtually every business function.

This Ransomware can propagate between desktops and servers and uses a recent exploit, which was patched by Microsoft on March 14, yet has been slow to be adopted by many organizations.

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Are you Vulnerable to the WannaCry Ransomware?

There’s a very high likelihood that you are vulnerable to WannaCry (WCry) and you don’t even know it. This ransomware is spreading across many organizations’ desktops and servers around the globe faster than the plague and impeding on different business functions.

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