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Proving IT’s Business Value: Dark Art or Light at End of Corporate Tunnel?

What’s the purpose of business IT? Historically, technology departments were regarded as necessary budget lines to ensure corporate tech stayed up and running. Even recent developments such as cloud computing and big data analysis have focused less on the value IT brings to the organization and more on the role of technology professionals in making sure these services were available on-demand.

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Windows 10 Migration: It’s About Experience Not Operating Systems

This year, most organizations will make the move from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2017, 85% of all enterprises will have at least started to deploy Windows 10 on their devices, with an eye to completing their migrations in 2019. It has been the fastest start in Windows history with over 270 million active devices in only eight months since launch, outpacing Windows 7 by 145% in the same timeframe.

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Overages and Outages? Solving the Problem of Unplanned Downtime

“Unplanned downtime”. If you’re looking to rile up IT admins or send tech experts into a cold sweat, there are few better phrases. It makes sense — according to recent research from Veeam, enterprises are losing $21.8 million per year on average in downtime and 87 percent expect an increase to future downtime costs. The data raises a critical question: How can companies solve the problem of unplanned downtime, limit the impact of outages and eliminate budget overages?

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